Looking back at our 2023 FILM FESTIVAL

A summary with the movie posters, a short description, and the nominations and awards from our 2023 Horror Film Festival. 

Best of Horror
Best Kill Scene

Greed & Gore

After a bank robbery doesn’t go exactly as planned, a crew of five pick a last minute safehouse to lay low with their take and a hostage. But the safehouse isn’t so safe.

Nominated Best Short Film
Nominated Best Cinematography


Nominated Best Comedy

Harvey & Linda: A Knives’ Tale

Linda is going through a transition in her life, which is to become a better version of herself. Up until now this meant leaving her former life as a serial killer behind. Someone who has seen Linda through the good and the bad is her loyal knife, Harvey, who documents Linda’s change and is withholding a secret himself.


Nominated Best Short Film
Nominated Best Kill Scene

Birthday Wish

A sweet young family experiences a budding darkness.

Nominated Best Cinematography


Best Director

The Black Sphere

While dealing with the loss of a loved one, a young man named Tyler is suddenly tasked with helping an alien, who has psychic powers, find his spaceship. Their journey is met with surprising moments of wholesome bonding, but also with sudden moments of brutality. As Tyler realizes what he must do to move forward, his discovery points to the fact that everything may not be what it seems.


Best Short
Best Cinematography


A suspenseful horror film following a group of friends as they travel to an Airbnb in Big Bear, California, for a weekend “glamping” trip. Things quickly take a turn for the worst, and their friendships are tested.

Best Actress Award


Bad things happen when four friends come across a cellar door in the woods.


Trouble Follows

While taking drugs and driving on the backroads, two friends accidentally crash into a woman. Paranoid, they take the barely living victim to their home instead of the hospital. They soon find out that this is no ordinary woman.


Nominated Best of Horror
Nominated Best Kill Scene

Phantom Fun-World

17 Years after a Horrific Tragedy Closed it’s doors, the indoor fun park known as Phantom Fun-World is set to reopen. Now a young woman takes a job at the tainted park in order help support her brother.

Nominated Best Cinematography

Best Feature Film

Never Blink

Five medical students discover a way to capture what you can’t see when you blink and the results are terrifying. A frightening journey into the macabre world that will make you NEVER BLINK again. In a blink of an eye, you will die.


Nominated Best Feature
Nominated Best Comedy

Cannibal Comedian

A psychopathic cannibal, fed up with his lack of ambition, tries his hand at stand-up comedy in an attempt to satisfy his appetite for normalcy.


Hard As It Gets

City Councilman, Ernie Torres surveys a neighborhood for votes and finds himself caught up in a handsy situation with a psychotic man with a thirst for corrupt individuals.


Best Comedy
Nominated Best Short Film


In 1980s suburbia, a distant family is forced to come together when the Summer’s hottest new toy, a cute aquatic pet, mutates into a repulsive monster.

Nominated Best of Horror

Killer in a Small Town

True crime super-fan, Will Wesley, has seen it all, but tonight a face in the dark may outsmart him.


No Grave For the Dead

A loner hitches a ride with a construction worker. As a night of partying rages on, it’s clear these two have secrets that are altruistically revealed.


Nominated Best Ghost Story

Some Kind of Solace

A young woman is forced to face reality amidst the escalating abuse of her relationship.


Nominated Best Short Film
Nominated Best Cinematography


Hitched is a gripping psychological horror thriller that takes viewers on a nightmarish journey of betrayal, survival, unexpected twists, chilling revelations and ultimately revenge.

Nominated Best Actress


With graduation quickly approaching, Andy must face his fears or sacrifice his sanity for society.



In a seemingly ordinary home, Cody becomes entangled In a web of deceit and supernatural danger caused by his controlling grandmother.


Best Actor
Nominated Best Short Film


A teenager slowly gets possessed by the demon inside his first car.


Nominated Best Comedy

Trick ‘R Teeth

A dentist and his least favorite holiday.


Best Ghost Story

Stay Awhile

Two ghosts embark on a mission to scare out their apartment’s new tenant, but as their plan unfolds, the table begins to turn.


Nominated Best Feature

The Haunting of Hype House

A successful YouTuber looks to capitalize on the haunted house that he’s living in.


Nominated Best Feature
Nominated Best Kill Scene


Set in 1978. A woman who escaped her abusive father as a teen must return to settle the affairs of the family vineyard upon his passing. She finds that the dark secrets she left behind have only festered and blackened over the decades, fermenting into violence and death.


Final Cut

A Minotaur Killer Hunts his prey in a maze.


Nominated Best Feature

Go Away

A family gathering is interrupted by a group of intruders who put them through a series of sadistic games. As the night progresses, the intruders come to realize they may not be the only thing to fear.


After his older brother leaves for college, a reluctant teenager must defend himself against the monster that invades his home.


Nominated Best Comedy

Carrots for Conrad

After a curse is placed upon Conrad, he suspects he might be turning into a carrot. He has to race against time and find the person responsible for the curse before it’s too late.



Alone in a post apocalyptic world dominated by carnivorous bird-like creatures, an isolated hunter endures a personal tragedy as he seeks redemption in other survivors.



Major Harlan Dean (Joe Bob Briggs) is the host of the widely popular radio show “The Truth Serum”. A platform which he discusses all things weird, unknown and something scary. On tonight’s broadcast Harlan tackles the topic of Cryptozoology to coincide with the annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV. But with each call that chimes in, something more sinister is waiting in the shadows and this could end up being Harlan’s very last broadcast.