Costume Ball
Costume Ball
Costume Ball

The Scarefest is well known beyond being The Premier Horror and Paranormal Convention in the country. We are also known for our famously fun Costume Ball and our legendary entertainment laden VIP Party. What would happen if we just took all that and crammed it into ONE HUGE NIGHT OF FUN?

We are officially ready to announce Lexington’s Biggest Halloween Extravaganza.

On Saturday evening get ready for more than you will find at any other convention. We are taking over the LexLive entertainment complex across the street and filling it with everything Scarefest.

For year’s we have taken our cosplayers to another level by not only having a costume contest but hosting that contest as part of a costume ball. Our move last year to the weekend before Halloween makes this an even more important event than ever before.

Our VIP Party struggled, like most conventions’ do, to find its footing until Scarefest 10 in 2018 when we decided that it needed to be more than a cash bar and background music.

Lexington bars have a long standing tradition of hosting Halloween Parties – nothing special there. But what if we could throw the weight of The Scarefest at a Halloween Ball in one of Lexington’s newest and biggest entertainment venues? Enter LexLive.

Last year we tried to shift our VIP Party to LexLive’s corner bar and incorporate the Costume Contest into it. The idea worked but the limits of squeezing our VIP pass holders into their Corner Bar was a nightmare (and not the good kind). It was overcrowded and the single weak link in what was otherwise an outstanding year in both attendance and enjoyment for our fans.

The solution? Just use the whole building. Unfortunately, we couldn’t convince LexLive to give us the entire bowling alley, arcade, and parking structure without investing a considerable fortune despite our record bar tab for 2021. So a compromise was set: We take over the entertainment aspect of the spacious Game Day Sports Bar with our DJ and Costume Contest but keep it open to the public and reserve the Corner Bar for our VIP Lounge Area.

The evening will kick off at 8PM with DJ Tre returning to The Scarefest to do what he does best: engage and entertain and MC the extravaganza.

New to Saturday night, at 8PM we have moved our new Scream Queens Bowling event to Saturday during the party to give more people a chance to get it off the ground without conflicting with our proven Celebrity Ax Throwing event on Friday.

At 9PM our Costume Contest will be moved back fully into the public venue of our fans plus expose Lexington to what a real costume contest looks like.

Throw in a couple of our Featured Film presentations in Theater 1 (the closest to the action) with some of the celebrities on hand to enhance the experience.

And finally downshift our 8PM VIP Party (mostly for the sake of crowd control) to a more understated affair sans entertainment other than what we show on the Corner Bar’s big screen. Downsizing it in essence, but having it a few feet from Lexington’s Biggest Halloween Extravaganza.