Bringing Talk Scary to Me Lexington KY

Danielle Harris

ScareFest Weekend welcomes back Danielle Harris for our 15th year! Danielle is a true SCREAM QUEEN. An accomplished actor and film director, she is best known for her appearances in Halloween 4 & 5 and then again in Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake. She also starred in the comedy film ‘Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead’ and alongside Bruce Willis in ‘The Last Boy Scout.’ Danielle has had a long list of credits, appearing in a number of horror films such as ‘Left for Dead,’ ‘Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet,’ and ‘Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer.’ She appeared in the Hatchet series as well, along with many other notable works. Alongside Scout Taylor-Compton she co-hosts the very popular podcast, ‘Talk Scary to Me.’