The Scarefest is growing faster than ever, both in attendance and notoriety. Because of that, our staffing needs grow year to year!

We are ALWAYS looking for Community Partners and Volunteers….that we lovingly refer to as “STAPH” thanks to founder PATTI STARR!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please use our online Staph Application linked below after reading this information page. The link will walk you thru the interactive form. Please note that your electronic signature on this form commits you to any and all requirements, rules and guidelines, as well as, indemnity contained within
this application.


Must have full convention hour availability for all three days. Sit with our celebrity guests and assist with associated booth tasks and duties requested of the celebrities and guests.


Includes media check-in, film festival, photography, videography, black carpet execution, and social media.


High movement job (physical).  Handles errands and other tasks between teams. 


Assist and oversee our seminar area throughout the weekend. 


“Customer service” based role involving receiving and distribution of amenities and materials to our guests and Staph. Involves some driving. Outside of convention hours


“Customer service” forward facing role of helping our attendees navigate the convention floor, activity times and locations, and outside events.


“Customer service” forward facing role assisting our attendees with their purchases of souvenir items. Duties can include packing and unpacking, setup, and sales.. 


Assist with preparation and execution of on and off-site entertainment and celebrity events. 


“Customer service” forward facing role assisting our attendees with their purchases of tickets and admission processing. Pre-convention hours are available.

Street Team*

Add-on team. Must be part of another team during the convention. This team allows you to get extra hours through the year.


“Customer service” roll assisting our vendors with check-in, and answering questions/resolving issues.  Pre-convention hours are available including Thursday.


Transporting and delivery of people and items. Must have reliable/clean vehicle and a good driving record. Pre-convention hours necessary.


Helps resolve issues with the artists that may occur before, during, or after convention hours. Most Staph in this area hold a Bloodborne Pathogen certification. Pre-convention hours may be available.

General Security

The eyes and ears of our event checking admission credentials, watching over entry
and exit areas and the vendor floor, and line management inside and outside the
convention hall.


Handles applications, collects attendance at meetings, hands out Staph shirts and wristbands. Handles Staph issues that may arise during the convention. May include hours outside of convention.

Stars Row Security

Dedicated to the Stars Row area. Front-line security for the guests and attendees in this area. They answer questions, manage lines, and escort celebrities as needed.

*Note that Street Team is NOT a primary team. You can join the street team as an “add-on team” to fulfill your hours throughout the year, but you need to be a part of another team to be fully eligible for full volunteer benefits.


Our first full Staph meeting of the new year will happen soon. We encourage our volunteers to attend in person to meet their Team Leaders, to catch up with old friends, and to make new ones. Most meetings will available via Zoom for those that cannot attend in person. The meetings are usually recorded and made available for those that had a scheduling conflict.

For 2024, we are adding a password-protected Staph Information area to this website. Emails get missed. Our Facebook Staph Group can easily get lost in the background. We want our Staph to have the information they need at their fingertips. 

Once your application is approved, you can access this area for all required contact information, meeting schedules, duty descriptions, and to better help you understand the management structure of The Scarefest.

Volunteer Benefits include:

  • A Three Day Weekend Pass to the show that includes all FREE Seminars and Events including the Saturday Halloween Party. (Access to these areas and parties are only available OUTSIDE of your scheduled working shift)
  • A VIP Area Pass: Exclusive Access to our most prestigious VIP Only Area during the Halloween Party.
  • A “PLUS ONE” Pass: An extra 3 day weekend pass for a friend or family member. (Staph Passes do not include posters, swag bags, line skips, priority seating or any other “VIP” perk besides 3 day access, early admission and VIP area). No admission to any “hospitality” area.
  • Limited Access to our Hospitality Suite for food & refreshment (no guests)
  • A FREE STAPH Shirt to be worn during your shift schedule only.
  • A FREE SCAREFEST OFFICIAL EXPO SHIRT shirt.(You must work 16 hours in order to get your free expo shirt)
  • Inclusion in all Staph Meetings, activities, and access to Street Team Opportunities for other shows & events.
  • A Point of Professional Reference when needed in exchange for your job well done!
  • Volunteers must be able to attend staph meetings either in person or via Zoom throughout the year. Meetings near the convention dates may be flagged as “mandatory”.
  • Volunteers are required to volunteer at least 16 hours to receive all benefits. Remember there are lots of opportunities throughout the year to get in your hours!
  • To volunteer you must be at least 18 years of age with a valid photo identification.

Due to overwhelming response to our call for volunteers, all teams are at full capacity for
ScareFest 16. A big THANK YOU to everyone who applied as Staph! As of July 1, we will no longer be accepting volunteer applications for this year.
If you have submitted an application, but have not heard from anyone, please email
[email protected].

Brandon Griffith

Just a reminder when filling out your application, please remember some areas fill up quickly. Some areas, such as Star’s Row Handler, Star’s Row Security and Star’s Row Runners are very highly sought after areas. These areas are often limited to those that have experience working at The Scarefest. You are more than welcome to apply for these areas but you are not guaranteed that you will be placed there. Actual assignments are done based on the needs of the convention.

DISCLAIMER: Any or ALL Staph Benefits may be reduced or eliminated pending verification of your work schedule and/or performance in your expected job. All Staph hours MUST be met for Official Shirt will be given. By electronic Signature, you agree that you will adhere to all scheduled hours once received, and will abide by proper behavior/presentation and act in a manner promoting the common good as a representative of The ScareFest. The ScareFest Owners & Operations reserve the right to dismiss any volunteer at any time based on the overall business need, lack of performance, conflict of interest, unmet schedule, or other.