Our 2023 Seminar Series Speaker Schedule

All Seminars will be held on Level 2 – Room 2. 

From the main convention floor on level 3, from exit A, B, or C, turn left then go to the end of the main hall. From there take either the stairs, escalator, or elevator down one level to level 2 and follow the signs from there.


5 PM

Paula Kelly: Ghostly Tales of McCracken County

Paula will be sharing three stories from her book “Ghostly Tales of McCracken County”.

6 PM

Christopher Harmon: Other Worldly Beings, Aliens, and Spacecraft 

Christopher, From MUFON (Mutual UFO Network ) will discuss alien encounters, abductions, spacecraft and about being a certified field investigator and abduction counselor.

7 PM

Gatekeeper Paranormal: The Haunting of Bobby Mackey’s Music World

An accurate and detailed history of the property from the 1800s to the present day. Separating fact from legend. Also hear paranormal experiences from tours over the past decade.

8 PM 

Claire Heaney: : Family Feud – The Munsters vs The Addams Family

Following a Family Feud style game, Scarefest TV co-host Claire will pull people from the audience to guess the most popular answers for Halloween and horror themed questions.

Saturday October 21


Shane Blythe: Blythe Paranormal Productions 

What do you want and expect from paranormal. How far do you expect to take yourself. What can you do to improve your investigations.

1 PM

Jeff Ignatowski: The Mind of a Killer

Attendees will be watching interviews with several killers and then discussing the breakdown of their psychology live.

2 PM 

Pat Bussard O’Keefe, Misty Conner, Ashley Conner:
Appalachian Granny Women Magick

Based on their new book, “Appalachian Granny Witch Magick”, three witches share the secrets of mountain magick and superstitions during this exciting and fun workshop. In addition to the lore of the mountains, audience members will be led through some of the spells cast by their ancestors; spells for good fortune, luck, and happiness. The first thirty participants, over the age of 18, will be given spell kits to take home.

3 PM 

Stephanie Bingham: Vampires – From Folklore to Fact

Join researchers Stephanie Bingham and Katie Jo Glesing and documentarian Fen Alankus as they reveal some of the most fascinating vampires from history and pop culture and separate fiction from the facts of today’s modern vampire community.

4 PM

Mark Muncy & Erica Lance:
Holler Monsters of Kentucky

Everyone knows the Pope-Lick Monster and The Mothman, but how many know of The Bogeymen of the Mushroom Mines, or The Bench-Leg of Goebel Ridge? Join Eerie Travels hosts and best-selling authors Mark Muncy and Erika Lance as they take you on a virtual tour of the lesser known cryptids of the Bluegrass State.

5 PM

Stephanie Bingham: The Spiritualist Movement – Turn of the Century Spirit Communication 

Stephanie will be exploring early forms of American spirit communication, the mediums of the time, and how early American ghost hunting impacts and influenced modern investigative techniques.

6 PM

Beverly McChesney

Beverly McChesney: Messages From the Universe Interactive Gallery

Beverly McChesney – Claircognizant Psychic Medium – will deliver answers to your questions to the Universe. An interactive event, everyone gets to ask questions (about anything), and everyone will get answers.

7 PM

Zach Bales: The Enduring Mystery of UFOs

Join Zach Bales, the Paranormal Roadtripper and author of THE UFO CHASERS ATLAS, as he discusses his recent journey to Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway and the “close encounter” he had there. Listeners will also uncover the details behind Kentucky’s own UFO abduction case, and why it is often considered to be one of the most haunting encounters in UFO history.

Sunday October 22


Adam Bonnett: Putting The “Para” in Paranormal

Adam speaks about being a paranormal investigator and overcoming obstacles as an investigator because of his unique position of being in a wheelchair. He uses that position to get evidence and invites things to happen that may relate to that position itself. Raising awareness that anything is possible no matter what situation you are in! 

1 PM 

Charles Romans: Why we experience the paranormal

Charles presents popular theories to explain paranormal encounters and why some experience them while others do not.

2 PM 

Eric Brooks: It Belongs in a Museum – The Real Story of Indiana Jones

Join Museum Curator Eric Brooks to learn the amazing stories behind the world’s greatest adventurer. Learn about the people, artifacts, places and stories that inspired one of film’s most successful and enduring franchises. Grab your hat and whip travel the globe in search of fact and truth!