Convention Hours

VIP Entry: 3 PM
Expo: 4 PM – 9 PM
Box Office: 12 PM

VIP Entry: 10 AM
Expo: 11 AM – 8 PM
Box Office: 8 AM

VIP Entry: 10 AM
Expo: 11 AM – 5 PM
Box Office: 8AM

Ticket Office

Friday: Noon – 9 PM
Saturday: 8 AM – 8 PM
Sunday: 8 AM – 5PM

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Exclusive first time event!

Small group tour with Kane Hodder, RA Mihailoff, and Steve Nappe tasting Kentucky Bourbon that was distilled right down the street from where Scarefest is held every year! The event will start at 5:00pm Thursday October 20th and guests are asked to arrive at 4:30 to gather for the tour. There will be pours from 4 different barrels, and after the tasting concludes you can grab a cocktail at the bar with the guys! The tour is approximately half an hour, with one hour additionally to take in the view and have a delicious beverage with the Killers themselves! Very limited tickets, so grab yours today!

Start Your Scarefest Weekend Early

If you’re like the rest of us you can’t wait for The Scarefest to start. Cheat it a little and join Local Trivia Action as they bring Horror Trivia to LexLive. Sign-ups start at 6:30PM with Trivia running from 7 to 9 at the Corner Bar. 

This event was a huge success last year and by far exceeded our hopes. Even if you’re not the Trivia type, this is where you will find your friends (and make new friends) on Thursday evening. 

LexLive is the official Entertainment venue for Scarefest 2022. It is located at 301 South Broadway – which is on the front corner of the Central Bank Center parking lot just across the street from the convention. 

Friday, October 21, 2022

Included with Admission:  

1PM Sally’s Lullaby

1:15 Chateau Sauvignon: terroir

1:30 Unheimlich

1:45 Monsters Aren’t Real

2PM Mister Funn Man

2:30 Escalation

2:45 Lethalogica

3PM Roseblood

5PM Final Summer

6:45 The Bloody Man

9:30 A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
with Celebrity Q&A

Midnight: #ShakespearesShitstorm

Friday is Hero Day

All First Responders (law enforcement, firefighters, medical workers, and military – active and retired) get free admission to the expo floor during regular convention hours Friday.

Just show up with your official I.D. No purchase nor pre-ticketing necessary

The Official Start of Scarefest: Friday 3PM 

Scarefest isn’t just a convention; it’s an event!

Join us to welcome the stars to Lexington on the black carpet at 3PM Friday at the expo “pre-function” area for one of a kind photo opportunities of our celebrities, speakers, and other dignitaries.

VIP Pass holders and Media Pass holders get priority access, but this event is now public for all of our fans.

There's More to Do at The Scarefest

On the Main Stage

4pm Troupe Dagaz

5pm Ballroom House

6pm Horror Trivia

7pm Bonehead Live

On the Floor 

5pm Twirling Twins

5:30 Reed Masterson Illusionist

6:30 Scream Queen Contest

Second Level of the Convention Center

5PM Jason McLeod
Dark Siege: The Demon of Daybreak Farm.

6PM Charles Romans
Entering the Shadows of Legend: Brushes with the Paranormal

7PM Krista Tweedy & Erin Eck
Demonology and Metaphysics

8PM Ron Cushman
Digging Up the Bones of Horror Hosting

Throw Axes with Killers: Friday 9PM

Ticketed Event: Our most successful add-on of 2021 back for its third big year!

Join your favorite movie killers throwing axes at Battle Axes new facility.

Shuttle service to and from the venue will be provided. 

This event will sell out as each team only allows for 9 people! Join your celebrity team now as spectator tickets may not be available.

Scaryoke: Friday 9PM

One of 2021’s most talked about After Party activities is back for 2022: Scaryoke!

We massively underestimated the popularity of this event amongst both our fans and our celebrities. This year it is headlining our Friday Night After Party. The music will start at 9PM with Scaryoke running until… well until the Corner Bar at LexLive throws us out.

Do you have Ax Throwing tickets? No worries. This event will just be hitting full stride when that event is over and everyone has returned to LexLive.


There's More to Do at The Scarefest

On the Main Stage

11:30 Troupe Dagaz
12:30 Horror Trivia
1:00PM Indie Film Maker Panel
2:00PM Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Panel
3:00PM Zombtography
4:00PM Costume contest pre-judging 
5:30PM Leatherface Dance off
6:00PM Design with your Heart Charity Raffle
7:00PM Horror Drag Theater

On the Floor

2:00pm Twirling Twins
2:30pm Reed Masterson Illusionist
4:00pm Ballroom House
5:00pm Twirling Twins
5:30pm Reed Masterson Illusionist
6:00pm Twirling Twins
6:30pm Scream Queen Contest

Second Level of the Convention Center

12PM Joanna Dickey
Soul Retrieval

1PM Stephanie Bingham
When Monsters Attack

2PM John Herndon
Horror Makeup Workshop

3PM Allen Marston
Saint Albans Sanatorium

4PM Mick Strawn
The Special Effects Artist

5PM  Jeff Ignatowski
Serial Killer Psychology

6PM Shane Blythe
Paranormal In Depth

7PM Beverly McChesney
Psychic Gallery

1PM 7 Minutes in Hell

1:15 Piper Pence and the Pandemic

1:30 PM 665

1:45 The Sound

2PM Stuck

2:15 Inhuman

2:30 Spaghetti Face

2:45 user_

3PM 10/31 Part 3

5PM The Fall of Camp Blood

6:30 Reunion from Hell 2 Sneak Peek with Q&A

9:30 Friday the 13th, Part III
with Celebrity Q&A

Midnight: Slasherverse

Design with your heART

Design with your heART is a first year charity raffle that will be benefiting the local organization “Spay Our Strays”.

Fans will have the opportunity to purchased raffle tickets and place them in containers next to a specific piece of art they would like the bid on.

The raffle will run on Saturday and the winners will be chosen Saturday evening, you must be present to win.

Bev McChesney’s Psychic Gallery – Featured Event

On the lower level. Included with admission.

Bev is back! A gallery wherein Beverly uses her psychic and channeling gifts to bring information to the guests. Everyone gets to ask questions, and gets them answered.

Horror Drag Theatre 7PM

On the convention floor. Included with admission.

Cheyenne Moonshadow is back for another year of Horror Drag Theatre. This year we have moved the venue to the MAIN ENTERTAINMENT STAGE on the convention floor to give more of you an opportunity to witness the completely “over the top” production.

Halloween Costume Extraganza: Saturday 8PM 

The Scarefest is well known beyond being The Premier Horror and Paranormal Convention in the country. We are also known for our famously fun Costume Ball and our legendary entertainment laden VIP Party. What would happen if we just took all that and crammed it into ONE HUGE NIGHT OF FUN?

Get ready for more than you will find at any other convention. We are taking over the LexLive entertainment complex across the street and filling it with everything Scarefest.

Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 8PM

Last year The Scarefest did what had never been done (to our knowledge anyhow). We pulled together six horror and paranormal icons and had them GO BOWLING WITH FANS.

Yes, you will actually be bowling with a celebrity in an actual bowling alley. Caveate: Linnea Quigley jacked up her leg so she will be “coaching” her team. 

The event will take place at LexLive to kick off LEXINGTON’S BIGGEST HALLOWEEN PARTY hosted by – of course – The Scarefest. Pick your celebrity. Join their team. Wear clean socks. Have an experience you will not find at another convention possibly ever. 


Sunday is Kids Day
Included with Admission: Sure, kids 12 and under still get in free all weekend. But for Sunday we have special day planned just for the kids including a Kid’s Scream Contest, Kid’s Costume Contest, Kid’s Horror Trivia, and lots of entertainment targeted at the entire family.

There's More to Do at The Scarefest

On the Main Stage

1:00pm Kids costume contest
2:30pm Thriller Dance
3:30pm Ballroom House
4:00pm Troupe Dagaz

On the Floor

12:00pm Kids scream contest
2:00pm Twirling Twins
2:30pm Reed Masterson Illusionist
3:00pm Twirling Twins
4:00pm Zombtography

Second Level of the Convention Center

12PM Return of the Living Dead Panel

1PM William Amyerich & Christina Kieffer
Men in Black: The History – The Legend

2PM Paranormal Panel

3PM Zach Bales
In Search of the Wildman

1PM The Harrisville Haunting: The Real Conjuring House

3:15 Hell Van